Carl Perkins, George Harrison, Eric Clapton - Medley - 9/9/1985 - Capitol Theatre (Official)

Nothing to do with money - but some amazing guitar by George Harrison. Worth your time friends. Happy New Year!

Very excited to interview Caitlin Pyle the genius behind Proofread Anywhere - the course that is helping tens of thousands of people take back control of their financial lives.

Wealth Resources Group

Please watch before investing in Bitcoin - this could save you a great deal of anguish.......

“If you're reading this...
Congratulations, you're alive.
If that's not something to smile about,
then I don't know what is.”
― Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Your Head

Even tho I spelled my name out....they STILL got it wrong. Am I a crotchety old guy or is this yet another sign that America is in trouble? MY NAME IS NEAL DAMN IT!

Why is the stock market doing well despite all the turmoil in the world? I'll give you three reasons - and I want to hear your thoughts too. Please join me.

Term Life Insurance: Everything You Need To Know In One Place

Very exhaustive guide on how term insurance works by Simply Insurance. Share with friends!

Very excited! My daughter Maya and I are traveling to London to do a 3 day shopping spree! Quality time with my baby!!!!!!

Equifax: 143M US consumers affected by criminal cybersecurity breach

Please monitor your credit cards. I am not an internet security expert, but how can this happen? This happened 3 months ago and nobody said a freakin' word. It really makes me mad.

This Is How Music Can Change Your Brain

Should you encourage your kids to play a musical instrument. Yes! And the benefits go beyond what you might expect.

Financial Preparedness |

Hey....please do not wait until your house is 3 feet under water. Get your financial records together now.


I had a great time performing with Grooveline last night! Of course, being the oldest guy in the band, I am completely covered by smoke so nobody can see me. Oh schnap.

Reverse Engineer your Dream Job: How a Struggling Songwriter Built a Multiple 6-Figure Business Doing What She Loves

I don't know how Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation does it. He always has these really helpful and actionable podcasts on side gig income. I'm not looking for more work or another business - but if you are, check this out.

Nice discussion here about money and marriage. Even if you have a great relationship and you THINK money isn't a problem, are you sure? How has money (or the lack of it) impacted your relationship?

Pretty cool. I just did my first interview with Barrons discussing options and LEAPS. Are you familiar with these bad boys?

7 Mistakes Freelancers and Small Business Owners Make - Due

IF you are in business for yourself, this post might be really useful.

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Do you think your credit card is the key to reducing wedding costs? It actually might help

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

This is kinda cool. A summary of the most important events over the last 24 hours according to Bloomberg. Make yourself look REALLY smart while you are chatting at work....

30 Finance Experts Reveal How To Invest Life Insurance Proceeds

What should survivors do with proceeds when they collect on a life insurance policy?

Top 100 Financial Advisors | Investopedia

Honored to be named in the Investopedia 100 of financial advisor influencers! To learn more click here #INV100

Rich People Talk About How Happy Money Makes Them — What They Say Will Both Offend And Reassure You

Do you think that more money equals more happiness? To some extent, I know this is true (both personally and professionally). But let's not forget what we give up in pursuit of money. Here's an interesting post from BI that may help you find your own balance. HINT - I don't think everyone has the same "max happy number". Do you know what your number is?

How To Ask the Right Questions And Make More Money

At 60 years old, I'm convinced that the most powerful way to advance in life is to ask the right questions. Do you agree that this is the key? If not, what is?

How To Reduce Risk In Stock Market Investments

Do you know how much risk you are taking with your investments? This might help out even if you think you do.

5 Overlooked Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

A guest post I wrote for idealrei on how to boost your credit score that most people overlook Can u dig it?

Is Real Estate Or Stocks A Better Investment Now?

Double stoked! My eldest got married on Friday and my first article was published on Seeking Alpha. A good day for the Pilgrim.

[SURVEY] How Much Debt Do Americans Have? (v) | GOBankingRates

Well researched post - and the Pilgrim gets quoted!

One measure of U.S. wage growth just hit a new post-recession high

“This metric showed that the median employee saw pay rise 3.4 percent year-over-year as of April, setting a new record for this expansion.”

The Simple Truth To Accomplishing Significantly More, Faster

Another great from our friends at – good tips on reducing the time to get what you really need to focus on done!

How To Save Money On Just About All Of Your Regular Monthly Bills

Informational post from my friends over at Bible Money Matters – any way to cut down on expenses brings you closer to your financial goals!

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With so much going on and so much at stake, how do you find the right balance? In my opinion, there is a 5-step process to solve this…

The force that’s reshaping the global economy has big implications for the US dollar

“Today’s profound technological changes are transforming various industries and sectors, and they hold a massive influence on cash flow dynamics at every level of the economy”

Confused About Your Employee Benefits? 8 Key Phrases To Know
Starting a new job? Make sure that you come equipped with the right information to set you off on a good foot!

Top 7 Financial Magazines Smart Investors Should Read

A great post from my friends at Investor Junkie – read on pilgrims!

Poll: Two-thirds of US would struggle to cover $1,000 crisis
This really irks me, one of the most important concepts I convey in my writing is to always have an emergency fund, you never know what could happen!

Easy Money 123

If you're looking to further your investments with real estate you should get in touch with Goodwin

Are you thinking about rebranding? If you are chances are its probably the best time to do it. Look at some examples of rebranding by looking at Pearlfishers clients.

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